N16 - Jim Kennedy Project of the Year

Awards of Creative Excellence 2022 | London Home Builders' Association


Jim Kennedy was passionate about the art and science of "Good Urban Design" and recognized its use and benefit to the London community. Adding Jim's name to this award makes it imperative that the ultimate winning project must be a leading example for the industry and community, excelling at both the subjective and objective elements of good urban design.


Applies to Multi-family/Condo/Townhouse/Residential High Rise.

Submissions must have been built with partial occupancy. Elevations (or renderings)  must be provide.

Criterion Weight
How does this Project better the living environment of its residents and also represent excellence, innovation and future thinking. 20.0%
Use of building materials and layout of individual dwellings units. This can be in a new construction or a restoration/transformation. 20.0%
Attractiveness and usefulness of site amenities including landscaping, recreational facilities and communal areas, which provide comfort and convenience to residents. Highlight features, which are accessible for the physically challenged. 20.0%
Visual attractiveness of the following mandatory concepts; Safety and convenience of vehicular traffic, parking areas and pedestrian amenities. 20.0%
Overall attractiveness of multi-housing project. Encompassing but not limited to preservation of privacy, good view for residents and the use of sound urban planning principles. 20.0%